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General information for schools who wish to attend Camp Wildcat reenactment include:

Parking is in the field at the reenactment site. Come in the lane directly at the little bridge on Hazel Patch road. This is the bottom of the field and there is a gravel path for buses up the middle of the field.

School day is targeted between the hours of 9-2 with a small skirmish on the field directly in front of the barn at noon.

General rules –

  • Kids need to stay with chaparones.

  • Leave book bags and extra stuff on the bus. Jackets and money are about all they need.

  • Place trash in the cans located throughout the field. Please make sure everyone cleans up after themselves.

  • Food is available to purchase and most schools bring their own in addition to what the kids buy.

  • The bathrooms are the little blue buildings scattered all around the field. Please leave the ones directly behind the barn for the handicapped.

  • There are some chairs available but perhaps not enough. Small garbage or Walmart bags make good barriers to sit on the ground and to put trash in when leaving.

  • Teachers stop by the barn and pick up some programs. 🙂

  • Schools need to register by email at Please include name and contact information for your school representative and the number of children attending and the number of adults.