Public FAQ

Q. Is there a charge to the public for admission

No there is not a charge to attend the event it is completely free, but we do ask for donations.

Q. Is it just the battles or is there something else to do?

There are demonstrations and skits available throughout the day. The schedule of events is available in the event program. Please make sure you get one and check out what all is available.

Q. Will we be able to go through the camps?

A. Yes. We encourage families to come early and roam the camps and view demonstrations. There are many things that reenactos do in camp that are period activities that they would love to share information to the public about. Just be polite and ask them what they are doing. They are usually just waiting for someone to ask them.

Q. Can we bring our pets?

A. Yes but we ask that they are on leash. However you may want to rethink bringing them as they are often quite scared of the cannons. Dogs especially often do not like the horses and equally the horses sometimes become skittish around barking dogs. This can be a situation that can quickly get dangerous.

Q. What if it is bad weather, is there a rain date?

A. No rain dates. Just as in the Civil War, this event takes place regardless of the weather. Just bring the appropriate attire for the weather.

Q. Is it handicapped accessible?

A. It is a barn in the middle of a field. We mow the grass and have some gravel down. There is an area that is close to the barn that would be easier for wheel chairs to navigate but accessibility to the entire area is limited. Motorized wheelchairs would probably do better than pushed.Â

Handicapped parking is limited, but we do try to park those in need closer to the barn. If necessary we may be able to provide a valet service for someone who is the handicapped driver.

Q. I have heard that children and car alarms do not like the cannons, is this true?

A. Yes. Often very small children get scared or the cannon fire hurts their ears. We suggest ear muffs or ear plugs (we usually have ear plugs for sell at the concession area). As for car alarms, the cannons are so loud and shake the ground so much, car alarms are usually set off. We ask that you do not set your car alarms while on site. Car alarms sounding are not pleasant for anyone.