Reenactor FAQ

Q. When is the registration deadline?
A. Mail in registration needs to arrive by October 1st  After that, it may not make it to the prepaid list.
Q. What is the walk on fee?
A. Prepaid registration is $5.00. Walk on fee is $8.00. We guarantee amenities for prepaid reenactors only.
Q. What are the amenities available?
A. We provide wood, hay, water, dance, dinner on Saturday for all reenactors. Dinner on Friday is provided to those who participate in school day.  Prepaid reenactors are guaranteed a ration of gunpowder and any freebies given away at registration. Walk ons will get these until supplies run out.
Ice will be available for purchase.
Q. I’ve heard it is a rather farby event, is this true?
A. We are a small reenactment site. We have 19 acres to do everything, including parking. There is no way to hide that. The blue port-o-johns are out in the open as well.
We do encourage reenactors to maintain period camps, attitudes, attire, and demonstrations. But our main purpose is to share some history with the spectators, provide a safe, fun place for reenactors to do what they do best- reenact. We encourage family participation. We have a lot of people that Wildcat is their first time on the field. We are a good place to get a feel for what it might be like without having to commit to the full needed attire and accoutrements that they will eventually need to stay in the hobby.
Q. Is there a separate civilian camp?
A. Not really. We basically have Union camp next to the creek on the right hand side of the barn. Which is where the civilians who come tend to camp, mostly because there is more space there. Then we have the Confederate camp which is in the bottom when you first pull up to the site. It is a mixed camp which is what most of them tend to prefer.